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VANE-MAG® Series


The VANE-MAG® series is a magnetic-driven rotary vane pump based on the positive displacement principle. They vary in terms of materials:
VANE-MAG® MP: Non-metallic rotary vane pump
VANE-MAG® MPA: Stainless steel rotary vane pump

The working principle of the rotary vane pump, also known as vane pump or blade pump, relies on the vanes that can radially move along the grooves on the rotor shaft, directing and compressing the fluid in the outward direction of rotation against the wall of an eccentric hole in the stator. This rotary displacement principle generates a nearly vibration-free flow with high delivery pressure at low flow rates. Power is transmitted from the drive to the pump through a contactless force-locking connection using powerful NdFeB permanent magnets. This allows the pump to operate without any seals, ensuring the safe and leak-free transmission of abrasive, toxic, and explosive liquids. Pumps for hazardous areas in Zone 1 and 2 are available upon request.


The pumps in this series have proven themselves wherever low flows need to be pumped at high pressures. They can handle low-viscosity substances without self-lubrication issues.

Typical applications include:

  • Flue gas cleaning, SCR, SNCR
  • Pumping of ammonia water or urea
  • Coolant pumping
  • Feed pump for barrier pressure systems
  • Liquefied gases, solvents, and other non-viscous media
  • Pressure boosting
  • Dosage of chemical liquids
  • Plant engineering
  • Equipment engineering
  • Pharmaceutical, medical, and bio-engineering.


March Pumpen

March Pumpen


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