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Before the first stage, self-priming rotodynamic pumps with side-channel and centrifugal impellers are used to pump liquids within the corrosion resistance limits of the materials used in their construction. The liquids may contain trace amounts of solid particles up to 0.5 mm in size. SKD is a self-priming pump. It requires pump priming, but there is no need to fill the suction pipe with liquid.

Technical Specifications

capacity0,2 ÷ 30 m3/h
delivery headup to 310 m *
pumped liquid temperature-40oC ÷ +180oC
liquid densityup to 1,3 kg/dm3
liquid viscosityup to 150 mm2/s
mass37,0 ÷ 436,0 kg
motor power0,25 ÷ 30,0 kW
rotation speed1450 obr/min (50 Hz) and 1800 obr/min (60 Hz)
rotations directionclockwise, looking on the pumps from drive side
*)Delivry head is lowered by 10-20% for hot liquids from +70oC do +110oC.


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