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Manual Grease Gun Mod. LUBE-MEC

Manual Grease Gun Mod. LUBE-MEC



The Lube-Mec system operates with a special cavity technology that ensures complete utilization of the cartridge, eliminating supply continuity issues compared to traditional systems.

The cartridge replacement process is faster as you don’t need to screw the hose onto the grease gun. It prevents the formation of air gaps when changing cartridges.

This technology allows for the full utilization of all the grease in the cartridge.

Due to the minimal wear of components in this system, the grease guns have a long service life.

  • Operating pressure: 345 bar
  • Maximum pressure: 635 bar
  • Grease flow rate for dispensing: 0.5 cm³
  • Screw-on grease cartridge: 400 g
  • Body diameter: 60 mm
  • Length: 275 mm
  • Weight: 0.96 kg
  • Grease outlet connection: 10×1 mm


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